Line Marking

March 25, 2010

Line Marking Line Marking Aerosol

A line marking Machine is for marking difficult substrates, it’s for use with line making aerosols as an aid to achieving a clear-cut, perfectly straight line that is highly visible.

The Aerosol

  • Up to 120 meters per can.
  • Adheres to asphalt, concrete, grass, metal, wood, etc.
  • Traffic possible after just 4 hours.
  • Adjustable line width from 5 to 10 cm.
  • Available in White and Yellow

The Applicator

You can buy a 2 wheel applicator and a 4 wheel applicator.

2 Wheel Line Applicator 2 Wheel Applicator

4 wheel Line Marking Applicator 4 Wheel Applicator

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Hygienic Floor Paint

March 22, 2010

Hygienic Floor Coating

Hygenic Floor Paint in a Fishplant

Hygienic floor paints are ideal for hospitals, food and pharmaceutical processing plants and other areas where hygiene and lack of solvent smell are important.

Because it is a water based paint it is:

  • It is excellent resistance to solvents, oils and chemicals
  • Virtually odourless
  • Easily Cleaned

It is for or painting of new, old and earlier painted concrete surfaces, also suitable for cement, tiles and mineral roofing sheet surfaces.

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What Floor Paint Should I Use?

March 22, 2010

Floor Paint Floor Paint

Garage Floor Paint Floor Paint Floor Paint

Help is at hand! We get floor paint queries, problems and love stories every day of the week. We’ve become masters at perfectly matching the right floor paint to your specific requirements.

The basic information that we need to know is:

1. What condition is the floor in?
Is it raw concrete? Was it painted before? Is the existing coating peeling off?
This will help us decipher what preparatory work is necessary and what primer, if any, you will need to use.

2. Requirements of the new floor:
What kind of traffic will the floor be exposed to (i.e. foot traffic, machinery, cars, aeroplanes, etc.)? Will it need to be a hygienic coating? Does it have to be resistant to regular chemical cleaning? Are you doing the floor on a budget? Do you need the floor to be anti-slip? Tell us what you need the floor paint to do for you and we’ll sort it out for you.

You can contact’s flooring experts, at or (059) 9723030. They’ll find the floor coating that matches your requirements exactly.

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Fire Protection for Steel

March 16, 2010

Fire proofing treatments are an exact science. The fire protection requirement for load bearing steel is generally one-hour minimum. This means that load bearing beams and columns (or any other steel sections that are pivotal in supporting the building) can withstand fire for one hour before collapsing. It is no coincidence that the twin towers in New York collapsed exactly 56 minutes after being struck. Because of the exact nature of these specifications the information that you give us is crucial.

The information that we require in order to give you an exact fire protection schedule is the following:

Name of the steel section: i.e. a beam / column / flat / circular hollow section / equal angle etc.

The Section size of each piece of steel involved: i.e. 80 x 80 x 15.

For example, a common size for universal columns is 203 x 203 x 54

The Length of that piece of steel: e.g. 3.5meters

The no. of pieces of steel that are this size and length: e.g. 15

Exposure: i.e. how many sides of the steel are exposed. Generally this is all four sides but sometimes there it may be only 3 sides exposed (i.e. when one side of the steel is blocked inside the cavity of the wall, etc.)

Here is an example of what a customer would send to us:

Steel Section Section Size Length No.Sides Exposure
Roof Rafter 101 x 55 x 3 3.064meters 33 4
Universal Beam 254 x 254 x 53 3.6meters 33 4
Square Hollow Section 80 x 80 x 3 3.505meters 8 3

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Its better to be safe than sorry or sued!!!

March 11, 2010

We have a wide of Anti Slip Products, from our Anti Slip and Heavy duty Anti slip floor paints, to step covers for decking, aluminium and ladders.

Anti-Slip Floor paint

This Anti Slip floor paint can be used on old concrete, metal and wood, it’s for foot traffic and can be used inside or outside.

Heavy Duty Anti Slip Floor Paint

The floor paint is great because it is available in a variety of colours and when it is finished provides a colourful but hardwearing surface that can easily withstand heavy industrial traffic including forklift trucks and harsh chemicals

Its is ideal for use on floors, stairs, ramps, loading bays, boatdecks etc.

Anti Slip Step Covers

These Anti slip cover are easy to apply and Virtually Indestructible. They are a slip resistant surface with high visibly on the edging.
Watch the clip to see just how quick and easy they are to install.

Anti Slip Ladder Grips

Especially with all the lovely rainy weather we get in Ireland, these are designed specifically to fit over traditional round steel ladder rungs.
They work because they enlarge the surface area for the foot and it has a grit surface for safety.

Aluminium Anti-Slip Step Edge

These are easy to install Aluminium Anti Slip step edges, they are Virtually Indestructible, fit to almost any step are mainly used where aesthetics are important.

Anti Slip Decking Strips

Decking Strips are the quick and easy solution for dealing with slip issues associated with standard timber decking.

Bolt Down Anit-Slip Plates

These are so easy to apply a Pre-prepared anti-slip plate made of weathered aluminium, they simply bolt down into place.
They are perfect for steps, because they are exceptionally durable and tough. Most importantly it gives firm traction and prevents slipping.
Mostly used in work areas, access ramps, warehouses, industrial equipment, etc.

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Cladding Paint

March 8, 2010

Its getting to that time of year again, well I hope it is, the sun will “fingers crossed” start shine again and you will be able to get outside and Paint.

Our cladding paint is tough enough to protect your cladding even in a marine environment.

This coating is extremely tough.

It is suitable for urban, marine and industrial environments

How many coats of cladding paint are necessary?

Our coating can be applied in one or two coats depending on the condition of the existing cladding.

How will the cladding paint improve the look of my cladding?

Our cladding paint will vastly improve the look of your cladding. It is a semi gloss topcoat that has been specially formulated for the repainting (and maintenance) of architectural cladding. It has outstanding colour and sheen retention and exceptional weathering properties. It has water and chemical resistance as well as good cleaning properties so as to allow for easy maintenance of the building .

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Tips on how to prevent the aerosol nozzle from getting clogged up?

February 15, 2010

When you are finished using the aerosol hold the can upside down and spray it for a few seconds until the spray coming out of the nozzle is clear. This means that the line of the aerosol has been cleaned and is now free of solids that could have clogged up the line.

How this works: When you hold the can upside down all the solids/pigment goes to the top of the can, leaving only solvent and propellent at the end of the can. The solvent cleans out the line leaving it free of solids that could have dried in the line and clog it up.

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Painting New Galvanised Steel

December 14, 2009

Painting directly onto new galvanised steel has numerous products that can be painted directly onto new galvanised steel. Solvent-wipe or detergent-wash the new galvanised steel prior to painting. This is all the preparation that is needed – no blasting, no etching, no grinding! has very straight forward direct-to-galvanised products.

When it comes to direct to galvanised products you have 4 options. There are two products that you can apply directly onto galvanised with no need for a primer (a single pack product [Galvogrip], and a two pack product [Paintshop 20]), there are also two options that involve a primer and a topcoat (a single pack system involving an etch primer and a gloss topcoat [Temaprime EE and Temalac ML90], and a two pack system involving a two pack etch primer and a two pack polyurethane gloss topcoat [Temacoat GPLS and Temadur 90]

Single Pack Option – No primer needed

Galvogrip is an all-in-one product, i.e. it is as a primer and finish coat in one. It has excellent adhesion properties so it can be applied directly onto galvanised steel. It doesn’t need to be overcoated with any other products as it is a topcoat also. Galvogrip can be tinted to hundreds of colours (all RAL and BS colours).

Coating properties:

Good water and chemical resistance

Single pack (easy to apply)

Spray or brush application

Excellent adhesion to new galvanised

Two Pack Option – No primer needed

Temadur 20 (or Paintshop 20 as we call it). This is again an all-in-one product and there is no need for a separate primer or topcoat. It is an etch primer and topcoat in one. This coating has super adhesion so it sticks well to new or old galvanised surfaces and it is a two pack polyurethane so it is extremely tough.

Coating properties:

Excellent chemical resistance and abrasion resistance

Two-pack polyurethane – extremely hard wearing

Excellent colour retention

Recommended spray application

Excellent adhesion to new galvanised

The best of these options, in terms of convenience and speed of application, is the single pack direct to glavanised product (Galvogrip). The best product in terms of the life-span and overall durability is Temadur 20. The two product systems are excellent in terms of quality and longevity however they are slightly more expensive and more labour intensive.New Galvanised

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Using the right thinner with your paint

November 9, 2009

The importance of using the correct solvent when thinning paint is not often realized.

When purchasing your paint you should also get the correct thinner. For every paint there is a thinner to suit, e.g. zylene, white spirits, butanol, water, etc. Using whatever thinner happens to be available is not good – we’ll have to give out to you if we see this happening.

Although the thinner that you mix into paint doesn’t remain in the paint (it gradually evaporates after application) it still has a massive affect on the coating. Using an unsuitable thinner can cause many problems, including: poor coating strength, lack of adhesion, discolouration, poor gloss, fish-eyeing, floating of pigment, etc.

Using the correct thinner / solvent will ensure that the inherent strength, gloss level, coating film and other positive properties of the coating will remain in tact.

Unfortunately there is no universal solvent for paint. However, we at are well familiar with the various solvent types and we will inform you as to what thinners you require when you purchase a particular paint product.

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Painting Galvanised Steel

October 27, 2009

How to prepare galvanised steel for painting

Steel that has been galvanized is highly susceptible to surface contamination. This contamination can interfere with paint adhesion. Galvanized steel may appear clean and bright but contamination is often difficult to detect. A common source of surface contamination is diesel fumes. Such contaminations react with paint coatings that are applied and causes problems with adhesion.

Paint for Galvanised Steel

How to prepare galvanised steel for painting

For best results brush or sweep blast galvanised surfaces immediately prior to painting.

Abrasive Blasting – this technique will ensure that no more than 10 microns of zinc will be removed from the galvanized coating thus minimizing the risk of the galvanized coating being damaged.

Procedures for Preparing Hot Dip Galvanising for Painting

1.      Blast nozzle pressure 50 psi (350 kPa) maximum

2.      Abrasive grade 0-2 – 0.5 mm

3.      Abrasive type – clean ilmenite or garnet

4.      Distance of nozzle from surface 400 – 500mm

5.      Nozzle type – 12mm minimum diameter venturi type

6.      Blasting angle to surface – 45 degrees

The aim of this blasting procedure is to remove any oxide films and surface contaminants from the surface. It is not to produce a profile similar to that required on bare steel. The brush blasting of the relatively soft zinc will automatically produce a fine profile, giving the clean surface a satin appearance.

Be sure to get an experienced reputable contractor to carry out the blasting for you ( can recommend approved and experienced contractors). If you are unsure of a contractor’s quality of work get them to do a test section first. You can evaluate this section by measuring the galvanized coating thickness before and after blasting (use a magnetic thickness gauge). A 5-10 micron reduction in galvanised coating thickness indicates an acceptable technique. Over 10 microns of coating removed indicates an unacceptable technique.

For more information on galvanised steel and preparation techniques you can visit the Industrial Galvanizers Corp at or visit

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