Water based paint for wooden surfaces

Protective coatings for wood

Kate Gaynor, our technical sales woman, flew to Estonia last month to complete a training course in coatings for wood (or ‘Vood’ as the Estonians call it).

Paintshop.ie imports many of its products from Tikkurila, an international paint manufacturing company based in Scandinavia. Being Scandinavian, where wooden houses are plentiful, Tikkurila is big into wood treatments. They’re main training centre for wood products is in Estonia so that is where we went.

The biggest development for wood treatments over the past decade is the development of high-tech water-based treatments. The benefits of using water-based products are far greater than solvent based products. Here are just a few reasons why you should use water-based products to protect your wood:

Benefits of water-bourne products:

Water-bourne coatings dry faster & there is no smell

Water-bourne gives even better protection than solvent based (better resistance to the elements)

Water-bourne coatings allow the wood to breath

Water based paint penetrates 3 times deeper into the wood than solvent based (it can penetrate up to 2mm into the wooden substrate), the product therefore lasts a lot longer

Water-bourne has greater elasticity than solvent bourne

With water-based paint the clean up and mixing is cheaper as you don’t need to buy thinners – you only need water

For good drying ensure there is good air flow (ventilation) and some heat – don’t let it dry too fast (not too much heat) as this will create an orange peel finish – also be careful with heat near pine as it brings the resin out – don’t use heat lamps unless they are air blowers.

Waterbased paint for furniture

Waterbased paint for furniture

Also please see below link to our Painting Inspection Website:



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