Industrial Paint and Health and Safety

Paint Related Health & Safety

Exposure to paint fumes is indeed a health risk. The level of the risk involved depends on the type of paint, the level of ventilation, and your own immune system.

We at like to play it safe and ensure that all of our customers are aware of the health hazards that are involved in dealing with paint.

Health Tips:

1. If possible go for a water based paint or a solvent free paint.

The solvent emissions of paint products are significantly less today as they were 20 years ago. The more toxic paints (such as lead based paints) are gradually being withdrawn from the market. Increasingly manufacturers are switching to water based or solvent free paint products. For floor paints see our Water Based Floor Paint (, or our Solvent Free Epoxy Floor Paint, Paintshop P300 (

2. Good Ventilation. You should ensure that there is adequate ventilation in the area that you are painting in. If necessary you should wear a breathing mask. For advice on breathing apparatus contact our staff

Painting Health and Safety

Breathing Apparatus

Also please see below link to our Painting Inspection Website:


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