Steps for preparing a concrete floor for painting

We have been asked many, many times on the steps for preparing a concrete floor for painting.

So heres your step by step guide:

1. Check that the concrete floor is in relatively good condition and that the concrete that is being painted is thoroughly dry.

2. The floor must be cleaned so that it is spotlessly clean. Remove all traces of grease, oil, paint, dirt moisture or other substances. Leave the floor to dry fully – this could take up to three days. Sand off any remaining paint, glue or paint residue. Vacuum well.

3. Use Mortarex to repair any cracks or holes in the floor. Let it dry completely.

4. Seal the concrete with Paintshop Clear Epoxy Resin, apply two coats by roller. Let dry between coats. Note: Ensure that the area that you are working in is well ventilated. We advise that you use a respirator mask when working with thinners or solvent based coatings. Let the primer dry completely.

6. Pick your top coat based on your specific needs.

Send us an e-mail and we can advise you on what will suit you best:

Paintshop Website

Also please see below link to our Paint Inspection Website:


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