Concrete Repair

After all the bad weather, especially the ice and snow, you may notice cracks appearing in your concrete, so here is how to choose the right concrete repair product for you.

  For narrow hairline cracks in a floor use Epoxy Crack Filler

  For standard ‘pot holes’ in a concrete floor use Concrete Repair Mortar

  For heavily trafficked floors where you need a very fast drying product use  Pourable Concrete Repair

  For repairing internal or external walls use – Vertical Concrete Repair

  For a concrete floor that is worn and damaged all over use Concrete Repair Screed

  For repairing large areas, with deep holes use  Concrete Repair Deep Fill

All of these products are designed with the customer in mind so they are exceptionally easy to use. If you need any more information send us an e-mail and we can advise you:

Paintshop Website

Also please see below link to our Paint Inspection Website:


One Response to Concrete Repair

  1. Its an excellent post. Cracks in concrete is a very common thing and its very essential to choose the appropriate materials to repair it otherwise it can cost you a lot. This post is doing exactly the same thing that is guiding people to choose the best thing for their concrete.

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