Cladding Paint

Its getting to that time of year again, well I hope it is, the sun will “fingers crossed” start shine again and you will be able to get outside and Paint.

Our cladding paint is tough enough to protect your cladding even in a marine environment.

This coating is extremely tough.

It is suitable for urban, marine and industrial environments

How many coats of cladding paint are necessary?

Our coating can be applied in one or two coats depending on the condition of the existing cladding.

How will the cladding paint improve the look of my cladding?

Our cladding paint will vastly improve the look of your cladding. It is a semi gloss topcoat that has been specially formulated for the repainting (and maintenance) of architectural cladding. It has outstanding colour and sheen retention and exceptional weathering properties. It has water and chemical resistance as well as good cleaning properties so as to allow for easy maintenance of the building .

From more information on out cladding paint please contact us on

Paintshop Website

Also please see below link to our Paint Inspection Website:


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