Its better to be safe than sorry or sued!!!

We have a wide of Anti Slip Products, from our Anti Slip and Heavy duty Anti slip floor paints, to step covers for decking, aluminium and ladders.

Anti-Slip Floor paint

This Anti Slip floor paint can be used on old concrete, metal and wood, it’s for foot traffic and can be used inside or outside.

Heavy Duty Anti Slip Floor Paint

The floor paint is great because it is available in a variety of colours and when it is finished provides a colourful but hardwearing surface that can easily withstand heavy industrial traffic including forklift trucks and harsh chemicals

Its is ideal for use on floors, stairs, ramps, loading bays, boatdecks etc.

Anti Slip Step Covers

These Anti slip cover are easy to apply and Virtually Indestructible. They are a slip resistant surface with high visibly on the edging.
Watch the clip to see just how quick and easy they are to install.

Anti Slip Ladder Grips

Especially with all the lovely rainy weather we get in Ireland, these are designed specifically to fit over traditional round steel ladder rungs.
They work because they enlarge the surface area for the foot and it has a grit surface for safety.

Aluminium Anti-Slip Step Edge

These are easy to install Aluminium Anti Slip step edges, they are Virtually Indestructible, fit to almost any step are mainly used where aesthetics are important.

Anti Slip Decking Strips

Decking Strips are the quick and easy solution for dealing with slip issues associated with standard timber decking.

Bolt Down Anit-Slip Plates

These are so easy to apply a Pre-prepared anti-slip plate made of weathered aluminium, they simply bolt down into place.
They are perfect for steps, because they are exceptionally durable and tough. Most importantly it gives firm traction and prevents slipping.
Mostly used in work areas, access ramps, warehouses, industrial equipment, etc.

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