Rust – Primer and Topcoat in One

Transform Old rusting Metal Transform Old rusting Metal
We stock an exceptional metal protection coating called Combicolour.
It is extremely user-friendly – can be applied direct to rusted steel and application is smooth so you have no brush strokes and it is sag resistant.
  • For interior or exterior use – low odour.
  • Exceptional one coat hiding – high percentage of solids.
  • Long-lasting elasticity.
  • Good UV resistance.
  • Rust-inhibitive pigments.
  • Dries within 2 hours.
  • Very high coverage – 10.5m² per L with CombiColor compared to the 4.5m² with other brands.
  • White spirit dilutable.
  • Overcoatable in 24 hours
Surface Preparation
Clean Surface Clean Surface to remove oil, grease and all other surface contaminations by alkaline or high pressure cleaning, in combination with an appropriate detergent,
clean with a wire brush Remove rust scale, loose mill scale, loose rust and loose coatings by scraping and wire brushing.

Paint The surface must be clean and dry during application.

Combicolour comes in a variety of colours and sizes.

For more information on this product please contact us on 059 972 3808 or

Paintshop Website

Also please see below link to our Inspection Website:


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