Floor Paint – Our Speciality

We stock a wide range of industrial strength floor paints.

Single Pack, two pack, anti slip etc. Our floor paints come in hundreds of different colours and in a wide variety of pack sizes.

For more information on any of the below products please contact us on 0599723808 or info@paintshop.ie

Single Pack Floor Paint
Single Pack Floor Paint – 7100

For interior or exterior foot traffic, 7100 is an inexpensive way of upgrading shabby floors to a bright, clean appearance.

  • Easy to apply by brush, roller or spray
  • Perfectly seals old dusty concrete floors
  • High film build in one coat
  • Touch dry after 6 hours
  • Apx. Coverage: 8m² per litre.
  • Two coats recommended
  • Can be used on concrete, metal and wood
  • Available in a selection of colours


Anti Slip Floor Paint

Single Pack Non Slip Floor Paint – 7100NS

Anti-slip surface for increased safety.

  • For foot traffic, interior and exterior
  • Anti-slip additive is premixed in the coating
  • High film build in one coat
  • Touch dry after 6 hours
  • Apx. Coverage: 8m² per litre.
  • Two coats recommended
  • For use on old concrete, metal and wood.
  • Available in Transparent, traffic yellow, light grey, steel grey and black.


Temacoat GPL Floor Paint

Temacoat GPL 2pk Epoxy Floor Paint

  • Exceptionally tough
  • Two pack epoxy floor paint
  • Extremely high chemical resistance.
  • Tintable to any RAL or BS colour.
  • Certified for use in food manufacturing plants
  • Suitable for immersion.


P300 Floor Paint

P300 Heavy Duty 2pk Floor Paint

Exceptionally hard-wearing chemical resistant two pack epoxy flooring system.

  • Solvent free epoxy
  • Hard wearing – exceptionally hard finish
  • Practically odourless
  • Can be used to upgrade existing coatings
  • Use on warehouse, factory and garage floors
  • One coat system
  • Can be cleaned easily
  • Excellent resistance to solvents, oils and chemicals


Waterbased Floor Paint

Water based industrial floor paint

  • Tough two pack epoxy floor coating.
  • Virtually odourless as its water-borne.
  • Ideal for food factories.
  • Can be applied over existing painted floors.
  • Excellent resistance to solvents, oils and chemicals.
  • Easily cleaned
  • Two coats recommended
  • Available in a variety of colours

Recommended for floors exposed to moderate chemical and mechanical stress in industrial facilities, warehouses, garages, etc.



Treadsafe – Heavy Duty Anti Slip Paint

Finished with hard-wearing carborundum particles, this coating, can will easily withstand heavy industrial traffic including forklift trucks and harsh chemicals.

Ideal for use on floors, stairs, ramps, loading bays, boatdecks etc

  • Easy to apply
  • Solvent-free (virtually odourless)
  • One coat application
  • External and internal use
  • for use on concrete, stone, metal and wood
  • Apx. Coverage: 5m² / can


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