Bolt down Anti slip plates

Bolt Down Anit-Slip Plates

We have some brilliant Anti Slip solution, from tapes to paint to fibreglass anti slip star covers. One of our most popular solutions is our easy to apply no fuss pre-prepared anti-slip plates made of weathered aluminium, they simply bolt down into place.

  • They are perfect for steps, because they are exceptionally durable and tough. 
  •  Most importantly it gives firm traction and prevents slipping.
  • Mostly used in work areas, access ramps, warehouses, industrial equipment, etc.

For more information on this product or on any of our anti slip solutions, please contact us on 059 9723808 or alternatively email us at or visit our website –

Also please see below link to our Paint Inspection Website:


One Response to Bolt down Anti slip plates

  1. Heskins says:

    Antislip bolt down plates are perfect for places that conventional anti slip tape can’t be applied. Being able to choose how coarse and what colour/print your anti slip coating is also adds extra possibilities for these plates.

    Nice post.

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